Just a Quick One!

Hello again, dear friends.

I thought I would share with you a card that I made many months ago but didn’t share it with you. It’s a card I made when I was making all things under the sea! I suddenly realized that I hadn’t shown you all as yet!







This is another from “Under the Sea” Collection. The box-envelope is made from the paper that is a part of the collection.   Once again,you can’t see the SPARKLE on the back ground card that the sea horses are on, unfortunately. The filigrees on the sides are from the Regal Borders and Pockets die set. Of course, as always, the shells, seahorses and Hibiscus flowers are all made from the stamps and dies from “Under the Sea” by Heartfelt Creations.

Our next Heartfelt Creations class (Jenny’s Cards From the Heart) are on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th May. If you would like to join us please just send me an e-mail. I’d love to see you and share our creations.


Jenny x








MORE Cards

Hello, Dear Friends

I thought I would share with you today the card we made at our class this month. I wanted to consolidate our lesson on making roses.  Last month we made large, medium and small roses. This month I wanted to concentrate on making rose buds – little roses. The principles are the same but they are more fiddly. They are also very pretty. This is the card we made.


Isn’t it delightful!? I used one of the little owls from the Sugar Hollow Collection. The tree is also from the same collection – except I turned it into a rose tree! I also took the opportunity to demonstrate using some border dies. On this card I have used dies from the Classic Border Basic Dies and Delicate Border Basic Dies. These two sets (14 dies in all) are made to go together so many, many different edges can be displayed.

I wish you could see just how sparkly this card is! The white edge is covered in Crystal Clear (a type of glitter) as are the roses.

Here is another card I made to show off the baby roses.                                                                           20180411_132643_00120180411_132734_048

I will save the other card I have until next time!

Lovely to see you again!

Hugs                      Jenny xo


Further to Yesterday

Yesterday, somehow, I lost half of my post! Gremlins at work again!! here are the rest of the photos of James’s 1st Birthday card – and I hope they don’t get lost in cyber space this time!















So… the first photo is of the front of the card, second is the insert, third is the back of the card and the last one is the card in its acetate envelope/box.

He had SO many presents! – and was a very tired little boy at the end of the day?


Jenny x







Cards, Cards, Cards!

Hi, Everyone! Have you missed me?

Today I want to share with you two lots of cards. The first one from our is our last class.

We have another class this Thursday and Friday. Please let me know if you would like to come. I know that you will REALLY love this card!

Veronica made a video of the card we made last month.It was really great!  Here is a photo of the card. I was teaching everyone how to make Roses. I made a selection of roses in 6 or 7 different colours so each person could choose the colour they wanted their rose to be. They looked so pretty! I had made the background in a neutral colour so that it didn’t matter which colour they chose, it matched the background perfectly!

20180309_125857So we make roses again this month to consolidate!









I have also been kept busy making my special James’s 1st Birthday card. He had a Jungle themed birthday so it was easy to choose which Heartfelt Creations Collection to use – “Monkeying Around”! I made a card with a shadow box attached and also decorated the Acetate box envelope to fit it in.















Friday 9th March

Hi, Everyone

Just thought I’d pop in and show you what I’ve been up to!

First of all, I finally managed to get the photos of my son’s birthday card (via his girls!).

I used the “Monkeying Around Collection” with the Layered Circles card, so it’s a very 3D card! The first page has the smallest circle and each circle grows a little larger over the next three pages. The back page, of course doesn’t have a circle cut-out.

From the front page you can see that small circle section of each of the following four pages. Each page was covered in some of the background paper from the Paper Collection. – then the fun of developing each page began!! I think I used every stamp and die in the collection. Have a look! (I’ll put them in order from the front page to the back cover.)




Did you enjoy looking through David’s book? He enjoyed it. – but then wanted to know if there was a hidden message!

That’s all for today, but I told you I had been busy so there’s more to come.










Sunday 11th February

Hi, again, my dear crafty friends.

I’m so sorry that I’m a little late catching up with you again. I’ve been busy setting up my Heartfelt Shop at last!


I’ve already sold quite a bit of the stock, so have to order some more to replace what has disappeared already. I set up a section to show the items that we used in the class that day. It meant those bits and pieces were easily seen. When anyone was interested in an item that we had used that could pick it up straight away. It proved to be a good move.

The card we made in our first class of the year was one I show you last time. It was the owl from The Sugar Hollow Collection, but a little bit smaller. Because it was smaller, we had to use a different oval. the one I showed you last time I used the Eyelet oval. This time I used the Eyelet Ovals and Basics Large.


We also used the Flowering Dogwood for the flowers and leaves. A little bit of 3D Gold Paint finished the cage off nicely. Of course, the whole card front and inside oval were covered in Crystal Clear. The flower petals were edged with Baby’s Breath Ultrafine Transparent Glitter. It looked SO pretty and sparkly!

I then set about making some roses (from the Classic Rose Collection), because I want to teach how to make them at our next classes on the 2nd and 3rd of March (You’ll be there, won’t you!?).  I used the roses and dies from the collection, but also the new Classic Rose Mold from Heartfelt Creations. This mold takes half of the work out of shaping the flowers. Great!!! After I had made a few roses of different sizes I decided to do something different with them! I made them into a necklace! Have 20180211_121741a look!


It looks SO pretty on! The petals have Glass Glitter (little shards) on them so they really sparkle! I wear it with the large rose at the bottom, slightly to the left, then the smaller ones come up the side.

We won’t make this at our next class, but we WILL make a card with roses!

Talk with you again very soon. bye for now.


Jenny x



Thursday 25th Jan 2018

Hi, once again, my very dear friends!

I’m STILL trying to get my Heartfelt Shop up and running. It’s very complicated with Heartfelt Creations in Indiana, USA. They are 14 hours behind us so it’s tricky, to say the least, in trying to work out what day and time they are at. Being 14 hours apart  we are in daylight while they are in moonlight! By the time I receive their e-mails in the morning, they are back in bed. Never mind! I’m sure we’ll get there.

Unfortunately we may not have the stock ready for our first 2018 class on 2nd and 3rd January, but we won’t give up trying to get it here somehow.

I thought I’d share with you my Heartfelt Creations bag that I have. It has a pocket, finished in clear plastic, on both the outside front and back of the bag where you can show off your works of art – or whatever takes your fancy!

I used a photo of my grand-daughter, Rachael, for the front. I took her to the beach one late afternoon, and she found a beautiful big starfish. I finished the picture off by adding some Hibiscus and fish from Heartfelt Creations “Under the Sea” Collection.

On the back of the bag I tizzied up a photo of my Lagotto Romagnolo dog, Abbie. She had been playing under the hose, so I dried her off with a towel on the lounge  – & she stayed there! – just Would Not move! I have taken Abbie’s photos out of the pocket because the reflection in the plastic was just too much. I have leaned it against it’s pocket.

Don’t forget to be ready for the 2nd & 3rd Jan! I’m sure you’ll love it!


Jenny x